After years of building prototypes in house, Biemme Adesivi Srl, a 3M tape distributor and converter near Milano, founded Enimac S.r.l. in 2013 to offer its clients design and development of tape application solutions based on over 50 years of experience in the business. Our goal is to make our clients more productive by eliminating the production bottleneck associated with tape application. Our mission is to become an international reference point in the industry by providing customers high quality, functional design and production of adhesive application machines.

Building relationships one at a time, Enimac now has clients in over 15 different countries and growing.

We divide our business into three areas, allowing clients to personalize their level of automation:

  • Standard tape application machines
  • Custom tape application systems
  • Tape applicator integration projects

Hand-fed standard tape application machines do not require compressed air, eliminating another maintenance item and making them completely mobile. All inputs are via touchscreen allowing for quick fine-tuning and setup of different jobs. Our patented, innovative “paste and cut” system offers incomparable speed and precision and can cut and apply all types of adhesive tape. Enimac tape applicator heads are individually programmable and easily apply tape to white, colored, black, transparent and die-cut substrates of many materials including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, etc.

Custom tape application systems are complete line solutions fully automating tape application from pallet to product. We partner with other top producers, such as BDT PRINT MEDIA GMBH for material feeding and aligning systems, to offer clients the highest quality, easiest to use, and most productive solutions possible.

Integration projects allow our clients to add the benefits of an Enimac tape applicator to their existing equipment.

High quality, easily maintained, versatile tape application solutions from people who apply tape for people who apply tape.