Enimac srl was founded in 2013 by Biemme Adesivi with over 50 years of experience in tape application and converting. 
We are located just outside Milan, Italy with over 100 clients in over 30 countries worldwide.


Our mission is to become an international reference point for tape application automation.

We design, manufacture and market:

  • Standard tape application machines

    Our X-treme Light and X-treme PRO lines are used to apply tape to substrates made of different materials for the print, packaging and point-of-sale display industries but also to PVC wall guards (plastics) and aluminum sheets die-cut into internal office signs (signage). Basically, for anything flat.
  • Tape applicators to integrate

    Our applicators have been integrated on folder-gluers adding a tape or paper application function, on a slitter-rewinder applying tape
    and removing its liner leaving only the adhesive, into an electronics production line to apply Kapton tape, and on a Fanuc robot for a masking tape application, among others.
  • Complete custom tape application stations, modules and systems

    We’ve developed 2-axis cartesian systems to apply a specially laminated tape to aluminum plates with raised edges for an electric battery pack production line for the automotive and shipbuilding industries, equipped our internally developed 3-axis system with a 200mm applicator to apply 3 strips of aluminum tape simultaneously in the appliance/white goods industry, designed a pick-and-place system to apply die-cut tape pieces to medical sample collectors, just to mention a few.

We work with tape converters worldwide to offer complete substrate bonding solutions, tape + automation, decreasing costs and increasing productivity.

We’re not just another special purpose machine design company: we have tape in our DNA.


Nowadays, all large manufacturers choose automation to solve labor shortages, increase productivity and improve product quality. Custom Enimac systems, if necessary, also with collaborative robots offer a flexible and safe automation solution for a wide range of production activities and markets such as automotive, electronics, naval, aeronautics, paper converting, architecture, construction, design, furniture.